Iodase Fango Dren


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    The technology applied to algae and precious plant extracts, it makes this compound a specific valid and natural adjunct to counteract the imperfections of cellulite and heavy legs.
    Formula for Cold effect.
    The blemish of cellulite manifests itself in well-defined areas of the body such as thighs and buttocks. IODASE MUD DREN is a product capable of combining important features osmotic sludge, with the cosmetic efficacy of natural plant extracts of Elderberry, Pineapple, Cypress and Ivy.
    IODASE MUD DREN is very effective in the dermocosmetic treatment of cellulite, also in the presence of a marked fluid retention and delicate capillaries, due to its pleasant cold effect. Great for reducing the sense of swelling and heaviness in the legs.
    Does not drip, no mess, non-greasy, it is easily removed with a tepid shower.
    The algae extract, when used regularly, helps reactivate skin metabolism, promotes cutaneous reactivation and stimulates the relocation of liquids often responsible for the appearance of cellulite. The skin appears firmer and smoother.
    – Remodelling action: seaweed extract.
    – Draining Action: Ivy, Cypress, Pineapple.
    – Protective Action specific for sensitive skin prone to capillary fragility: balsamic oils.

    Packaging: pot of 700 g and 1400 g
    Suitable for: You
    Ingredients: Seaweed Extract, Elderberry, Pineapple, Cypress Tree, Ivy

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