Iodase Dren Cream


  • Description

    IODASE DREN Cream is a treatment formulated to combat cellulite and water retention causing swelling, giving the skin the typical uneven and saggy appearance. The use of “Anti Water Activity” technology allows to rebalance the subcutaneous fluid and return the skin to its optimal state. In particular the action “decongestant osmotic” the elder gelled can treat cellulite in the presence of water retention intertiziali (usual cofactor of the appearance of cellulite). IODASE DREN applied on problem areas induces a slight feeling of freshness, which favors the stimulation of the skin tone. The use of IODASE DREN is key to reducing the spread of cellulite at a young age as it is when the blemish occurs with advancing age. The specificity of the product helps to actively combat all forms of cellulite accentuated by the presence of subcutaneous fluids. The first results will be visible after a steady and continuous treatment cycle. The skin will be smoother, toned and relaxed.

    Packaging: 220 ml tube
    Suitable for: You
    Ingredients: Redulite, ximenynic acid, Rusco, Quercetin