Iodase Actisom Ice Crema


  • Description

    Actisom® 10% fragile capillaries. adjuvant cosmetic treatment against deep cellulite. IODASE ACTISOM ICE is also recommended for anyone who has fragile capillaries to specifically target and decided the unsightly appearance of cellulite deep. A special cream that can actively counteract the imperfections of cellulite and deep overt and protect sensitive skin from capillary fragility.
    Its formulation contains precious Actisom® to 10% along with refreshing essential oils and a blend (Perfect Legs) of active ingredients used to reshape thighs and buttocks and simultaneously protect from the typical traumas and redness sensitive and subject to capillary fragility. The first results will be visible after a steady and continuous treatment cycle. The contours of the legs and buttocks will result redefined and reshaped. The smooth skin and relaxed.

    Packaging: 220 ml tube
    Suitable for: You
    Ingredients: Caffeine, Fucus vescicolosus, organic iodine, Paullina cupana, Chondrus Crispus, Hedera helix, Ananas sativus, gotu kola, escin, Molecular Film Actisom®