Intimate cleaner, Derbe Body


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    The most delicate parts of our body are surely those intimate.
    For proper hygiene of intimate parts, of ‘groin, of’ navel, armpits and breast it is advisable to avoid excessive washing or performed with too energetic preparations.
    And ‘it recommended the use of a very mild detergent, eudermic and specific that respects the acidity, the moisture balance, beneficial bacterial flora resident. A delicate detergency is the basis of proper hygiene.
    The Detergent Derbe is very delicate, has an acidic pH, contains a complex of essential oils particularly suited for this function together with Echinacea angustifolia, a wonderful salve always been used by the red man of America, as the most effective nature has made our disposal to improve the moisture balance of the assaulted and sensitized skin. It contains no artificial colors or fragrances; its delicate green color comes from the chlorophyll of plants, a natural deodorant.
    With Intimate Cleanser Derbe you can wash as often you feel necessary.
    Biodegradable detergent over 90%
    200 ml.