Holly (n.15), Bach flowers


  • Description


    • jealousy;
    • envy, suspicion;
    • lack of love of self.


    • unhappiness;
    • irritability, frustration;
    • distrust;
    • feelings of revenge;
    • malice;
    • exasperated competitiveness;
    • susceptibility;
    • touchiness;
    • heartburn, gastritis, digestive problems;
    • liver problems.

    TRANSFORMATION: Holly protects us from negative feelings does not remove, but simply by developing the positive aspects that are within us. Promotes love for themselves, so let us accept for who we are, no we measure ourselves constantly with others.
    Holly is prescribed in all those cases where it is not clear the remedy to be adopted or when it seems that too many remedies are necessary, as Wil d Oat. Unlike the latter which is more suited to people passive and down tone, Holly gives energetic and active people.