Gold, Light Particles, 250 ml


  • Description

    A sumptuosus product, to transform your daily shower into a splendid sensory moment. Its golden hue, the wondeful contrast of the micro-granules and its exclusive scent, represent your first encounter with a shower scrub which combines pleasantness with efficacy.
    The precious trace elements found in the Colloidal Gold give the skin vigour and tone, which is stimulated by the regenerating and revitalising actions of the Mimosa extract, a plant already classified by the Mayans as the “skin tree”, due to its amazing curative properties.
    The abundance of polyphenols and anthocyanosides found in red Grape extract complete the treatment, blocking the harmful action of the free radicals.
    After showering, the skin is luminous and incredibily velvety; ready to receive the benefits of the other products.
    Paraben free.