FEM50+GEM Bio HerbalGem Menopause


  • Description

    Formulated with extracts of buds and young shoots, it accompanies women over 50 years during menopause.
    Apple and blueberry act on the hormonal component. Hawthorn has a calming effect in case of disturbed sleep. The sage mother tincture plays a role in regulating night sweats and the essential oil of carrot helps to improve the hormonal balance through its action on the liver.
    How to use
    From 5 to 15 drops a day, away from the patios, pure or diluted in water.
    Particular characteristics
    Young blueberry and blackberry buds, buds of hawthorn and apple, sage mother tincture and essential oil of carrot seeds (Daucus carota L.spp.sativus)