Epilobio, macerated fresh plant, tincture 50 ml


  • Description

    The Tinctures are hydro-alcoholic maceration obtained from fresh herbs, collected in the wild in areas ecologically degraded or from organic crops.
    Within hours of the harvest flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, flowering tops etc. They are processed under controlled conditions.
    The fitoderivato got is faithful to the phytochemical profile of the original plant and expresses all its complex health-activities.

    Epilobio (Epilobium parviflorum Schreb.)
    Alcohol, Epilobio (Epilobium parviflorum Schreb. – E. angustifolium L.) aerial parts 47.6%, Water
    It acts favorably on the physiological functions own reproductive
    How to use:
    take 30 drops diluted in water, three times throughout the day. Outdoor Use: solution in equal parts with sterile saline or water for poultices; to 10% for gargling.
    Content per daily dose:
    Epilobio fresh plant 2000 mg