Elm (n.11), Bach flowers


  • Description


    • exhaustion;
    • feeling of not being up to the task.


    • exhaustion;
    • depression;
    • asthenia;
    • discouragement;
    • afraid of responsibility;
    • feeling of inadequacy;
    • knee problems;
    • pains in the shoulders and neck;
    • insomnia.

    TRANSFORMATION: Elm helps us not to lose confidence in yourself even if you feel momentarily weak. And to win that severity that we have in our regard, which requires us to always be the best of our ability. Who takes this remedy learn to accept their limitations and, just as he accomplishes this learning process, recovers his strength and gets back from exhaustion.
    Some therapists use Elm to fight severe pain because, this flower, reduces anxiety that always accompanies physical discomfort and allows the individual to relax.