Sadness Elixir, Sad Animals, organic Bach Flowers for the Animals 10 ml, Elixirs & Co


  • Description

    For animals that have lost the joy of life, which give the impression of being cut down, sad or depressed. This can be related to the abandonment or absence of a person, following a death or after a separation.

    Pets can suffer from sadness. They lose their radiance and become inactive, they no longer play, they seem sad, sleep and eating habits could change. They could even avoid family and other animals.
    They may have experienced the separation or death of a family member.
    They could remain prostrated in their corner, after a debilitating illness, a pension during the holidays or the kennel. Horses left alone.

    Elixir Sadness for animals helps to rediscover joy.

    Bach bio floral essences: Clematis, Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Impatiens, Cherry Plum, Willow, Wild Rose.

    HOW TO USE: Spray the elixir twice in a bowl of water or on pet food several times a day.