EIS Menopause, 60 ml


  • Description

    food supplements (D / E 1: 3): motherwort (cardiac Leonurus L.) leaves 24.5%, black horehound (Ballota nigra L.) aerial parts, willow (Salix alba L.) catkins, Butcher’s broom (Ruscus aculeatus L.) roots ; Verbena (Verbena officinalis L.) air dry extract parts (supported on maltodextrin); Flavoring: essential oils of Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea L.) aerial parts, anise (Pimpinella anisum L.) fruits

    It acts favorably on the female endocrine physiological function

    How to use:
    take 40 drops diluted in water, three times a day.

    Content per daily dose:
    Sol. Idroalc. of: motherwort 1470 mg, 1470 mg black horehound,  willow 1440 mg, 1440 mg Butcher’s broom; Cimicifuga titrated 180 mg

    The climacteric (the term comes from the word “scale”) is a long series of phases that gradually, through successive metamorphoses in the body and in the female psyche, leads to menopause. It is a delicate step, both for the symbolism evoked by the end childbearing age, and the effects are large and diversified, that the physiological endocrine modifications imply.
    For many women are climbing the steps, which inaugurate a critical season, marked by sweats, hot flashes, the tone changes and emotion, as well as modifications of initial districts, such as bone, and blood vessels, which could compromise the future well-being.
    Menopause – Leonorus modulates the change and compensates, at least partially, the physiological deficiencies that involves favoring a serene progression to the new balance and its subsequent stabilization.

    The applications listed above are not in any case prescriptive or therapeutic nature.
    Always consult your doctor beforehand in case of illness or disease.

    Possible side effects or interactions:
    Do not take during pregnancy.