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    With Eco-Cup will no longer be limited to choose between various types of traditional absorbent (external interiors, with or without wings, for the day or for the night ..) that until now were your only real alternative, and that they always It represented a true “monthly fee”.
    Consequently all expenses related to the purchase of traditional absorbent will be discarded. “

    A woman in her lifetime on average uses about 12,000 sanitary napkins! In Europe in a year they are consumed about 1 billion! It ‘s amazing the amount of waste that is produced and that could easily be limited! Eco-Cup is also washable and reusable for several years. “

    Once worn Eco-Cup is totally imperceptible, it will be like not to have it! It suits vaginal walls and settles itself at the right height.
    You can do all the things you want without risking loss or feelings of moisture or dryness. And ‘ideal for those who travel, for sports, for all women who want to feel comfortable even in the days of the cycle. You can feel safe to wear the clothes that you like the most, with no limit! Eco-Cup is perfect used both by day and during the night.

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