It’s Time to Shine Illuminating Dry Oil, 100 ml spray


  • Description

    It’s time to shine is an invitation enclosed in an oil with a soft, flowing and easily absorbed texture. The combination of Argan, Macadamia, Jojoba, Hibiscus and Rice oils make it a smoothing and illuminating treatment.

    The precious essential oils of Neroli and Jasmine meet the needs of the most sensitive skin while the essential oils of Rose and Juniper help reduce imperfections, giving a smooth and smooth skin. The particular blend of essential oils, with a fresh and intoxicating scent, unlocks emotional stiffness, creating a state of mind predisposed to sharing and intimacy.

    HOW TO USE: A slow and delicate massage until the oil is completely absorbed on the body and face is the beauty ritual to prepare yourself for pleasure and pleasure. Applied to dry hair, it gives light to the hairstyle and gives the tips a smooth and luminous effect.