Aftershave for Men, Magentina for Men


  • Description

    An authentic post-shave ritual to make the skin soft, hydrated and perfumed.


    It does not contain alcohol and thanks to its calming principles, it gives an immediate sensation of freshness to the skin after shaving or depilation. Softens the skin, promotes tissue regeneration.

    Active principles

    Hamamelis water: astringent;
    Bisabolol: decongestant;
    Panthenol: decongestant;
    Chamomile water: refreshing;
    Aloe: soothing; Allantoin: soothing;
    Erythritol: moisturizer;
    Avocado oil: protective and emollient;
    Vitamin E: antioxidant, anti-aging;
    Vegetable glycerol: moisturizer, humectant

    Indications for use

    Spread a small amount of product on the face, with a light massage, if necessary even several times a day