Cardamom and Lime DeoSpray, 100 ml Solimè


  • Description

    Natural deodorant indicated to deodorize and refresh the skin.

    For your daily hygiene, a natural spray deodorant with Cardamom and Lime perfume that prevents sweating and allows the natural perspiration of the skin, giving freshness for a long time.

    It does not contain preservatives, alcohol or propellant gases.
    Ingredients: colloidal silver, Cardamom, Lime.

    Origin and processing The country of origin of the raw material varies according to the product: passionate research and the purchase of high quality native species is one of our strengths.
    The processing takes place always and only in Italy, at the Solimè laboratories, with the guarantee of compliance with the high quality standards offered by all our products.

    HOW TO USE: After daily hygiene, shake vigorously and spray on the affected parts, even several times a day. It gives a pleasant and lasting sensation of freshness without inhibiting the natural perspiration of the skin.