Solara Eco-friendly Dishwasher Cleaner, 250 ml


  • Description

    When you open the dishwasher door and see its interior covered with an opaque patina and maybe you smell a not very pleasant smell, you think about how nice it would be to find a natural dishwasher cure that would make the entire interior shiny again.

    If you are looking for a product that makes the steel of your dishwasher shine again, the Super Concentrated Dishwasher Care will remove from the walls of your dishwasher, the filter and the clogged drain, the residues of grease and limescale that have accumulated after several washes. .

    If you have never used a dishwasher care, because you have always been afraid that it will release substances you do not like, you can safely use the Super Concentrated Dishwasher Care: it is an ecological product that leaves no residues or “fake lemon” smells.

    It is a super concentrated and sustainable dishwasher care, because with a single package you can carry out 5 cleaning cycles, unlike the most common dishwashers which are disposable. A nice saving of money and plastic!

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: For correct use, pour the product into the detergent compartment until it is full (about 50 ml) then close the flap. At this point, start an empty dishwasher wash with a cycle of at least 50 degrees.

    For proper maintenance of the dishwasher, we recommend that you carry out a cleaning cycle every 1-2 months or when you see the opaque interior.

    In addition to being formulated with specific plant-based ingredients for the removal of greasy dirt, for greater effectiveness against limescale, the Super Concentrated Dishwasher Care formula is enriched with Citric Acid, the natural strength that eliminates limescale.

    INGREDIENTI: D-glucopyranose, Oligomeric, Heptyl glycoside.