Heart of Home, Scented water for fabrics and environments, Nasoterapia


  • Description

    The fragrant waters are unusual fragrance encounters designed to wrap the fabric textures.
    Thanks to the special formulation with less volatile components compared to a classic environmental scent, the scented water has an instantaneous release that persists longer on the tissues.

    All the fragrances are in compliance with IFRA, 100% Made in Italy.

    The water-based formulation does not stain and does not release residues, making them perfect for curtains, but also to freshen up the interior of wardrobes or clothes just worn, their impalpability makes them excellent to be nebulized even in environments.

    The cotton bag is ideal for storing the product carefully or making a small gift.

    You can choose from:

    • Soffio;
    • Rugiada;
    • Nuvola;
    • Risveglio.
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