Le Fate Anita Hand Cream in a clutch bag, Arcadia


  • Description

    Emulsion with an enveloping, fresh and light consistency, enriched with principles such as: hyaluronic acid, benzoin vegetable oils, calendula, jojoba, arnica and almond, plus vegetable glycerol.
    Daily use restores comfort by helping the natural hydration, emollience and elasticity of dry and dehydrated skin.
    It does not grease and leaves a pleasant and light perfumed sensation.
    In cases of hypersensitivity, discontinue use.

    50 ml.

    Available in 3 variants:

    Pochette n.1: “What if you were the fairy?”
    Pochette n.2: “Fairies love to play hide and seek. They mix up among the flowers that have their own perfume”
    Pochette n.3: “Fairies have big hearts, full of wonder”

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