Neutral Base Cream 50 ml, Fitomedical


  • Description

    Preparation rich in vegetable oils and light eudermic Vine, Jojoba and Rose nutmeg. With only ingredients allowed in organic cosmetics, the base cream is designed for personalizing and aromacosmetici aromatherapy treatments.
    With the addition of OE it is suitable for practicing aroma massage extended or localized or cosmetic applications on specific skin areas. It can incorporate up to 5% essential oil without alteration.
    It’s particularly useful for practicing aromatherapy massage widespread or localized, or for cosmetic applications on specific skin areas.

    It’s can use Essential oil different every time depending on the need, using a small amount of cream.

    METHOD OF USE: Mix the desired amount of cream base with an essential oil or a mixture of essential oils in order to obtain a homogeneous dispersion. To facilitate mixing may be useful to cool the cream.
    Indicatively not exceed 2.5 ml (about 60 drops) of e.o. to 50 ml of base cream.
    The Essential oil quantity They may vary in relation to the type of oil used.
    When in doubt, seek advice from a professional trader.crema base neutra fitolmedical