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    This COLLECTION box contains all the flavours of our line TISANE DELL’ORTO (Vegetable Garden Teas). In addition to the classic radicchio, carrot and celery teas, this selection includes also our latest creations: DIET (Bell Pepper and Bergamot Tea), VITAMIN (Tomato Tea) and VEG (Vegetable Tea).


    BONNE NUIT: 100% red radicchio*; VITAMIN: tomato* (75%), hibiscus flowers* (25%); DIGESTIO: 100% artichoke*; SILHOUETTE: 100% celery*; PROTECTION: 100% carrot*; ANTIAGE: pomegranate seeds* (75%), hibiscus flowers* (25%); DIET: bell pepper, bergamot*, lemon*; PURITY: 100% green asparagus*; VEG: carrot*, celery*, onion*, leek*, tomato*, celeriac*.

    *100% organically grown.