Chicory (n.8), Bach flowers


  • Description


    • possessiveness;
    • intrusiveness;
    • tendency to manipulate others;
    • lack of affection.


    • egocentricity;
    • authoritarianism;
    • need to control others;
    • need to be the center;
    • Fear of losing friends;
    • touchiness;
    • exaggerated love for the house;
    • constipation;
    • heart problems;
    • lymphatic problems;
    • gynecological problems;
    • backache;
    • intoxications.

    TRANSFORMATION: Chicory has a great capacity to love, only this is blocked or developed incorrectly.
    The remedy teaches to give without asking anything in return and unavolta learned, you will hear more that awful feeling of emptiness that grips the heart.
    Chicory is also prescribed in cases of stagnation, to overcome all the pathologies involving a treatment by the body of toxins that poison it. Finally, it relaxes so that things will take their course, without that you feel obliged to intervene and manipulate others.