CellFood drops, 30 ml


  • Description

    The physiological redox modulator designed to optimize the bioavailability of oxygen according to cellular metabolic needs.
    Stress, inadequate lifestyles and environmental pollution can reduce the bioavailability of oxygen and deplete micronutrient reserves, causing cellular suffering, damage to blood vessels (endothelial dysfunction) and alterations of the extracellular matrix. Hence headaches, insomnia, irritability, weakness, slowed digestion, increased susceptibility to infections, and other disorders capable of compromising our well-being and accelerating aging.

    What it consists of

    CELLFOOD is a patented formula of a colloidal nature, i.e. with physico-chemical properties intermediate between those of a solution and those of a suspension. Dispersed in its aqueous phase, together with traces of deuterium sulphate, are minerals, amino acids and enzymes, extracted from a series of raw materials of both marine (e.g. Lithothamnium calcareum) and terrestrial origin from pristine ecosystems. The colloidal nature, conceptually comparable to that of the extracellular fluids of our organism, is the essential prerequisite for optimal bioavailability of its “active ingredients” which, adequately absorbed at the intestinal mucosal level, can be distributed in the various tissues to exert their biological effects.

    How it works

    CELLFOOD is a physiological modulator capable of providing precious micronutrients (nutritional supplementation) and making oxygen available according to cellular metabolic needs (on-demand). In this way, it contributes to the control of both the redox system (prevention and treatment of oxidative stress syndrome) and the acid-base balance (prevention and treatment of tissue micro-acidosis). Furthermore, by improving endothelial function and promoting the removal, from the extracellular matrix, of excess liquids and unwanted products of cellular metabolism (“toxins”), it promotes metabolic exchanges and “communication” between cells. This last effect translates into an optimization of neurovegetative, endocrine and immune functions, with rapid perception of a pleasant and lasting sensation of well-being and energy. Finally, some evidence suggests a potential favorable effect of CELLFOOD also at the level of the intestine and, in particular, on the microbiota that populates its mucosa.

    When and why to use it

    CELLFOOD is suggested as an adjuvant, in the context of a healthy lifestyle (correct nutrition and adequate physical exercise), in all situations of nutritional deficiency (from psycho-physical stress, unbalanced diets, etc.), in disorders linked to a insufficient oxygenation of the tissues (e.g. headache, difficulty concentrating, asthenia, etc.), in oxidative stress syndrome (which accompanies inflammatory, degenerative, metabolic diseases, or which follows the intake of particular drugs, such as, for example, anti-conceptual estrogen-progestin formulations), in endothelial dysfunction (due to cardiovascular pathologies), in immune deficiencies, in chronic intoxications (e.g. from alcohol or drugs), in multiple chemical hypersensitivity syndrome, in fibromyalgia, in food allergies, in dysbiosis, leaky gut syndrome, etc. Finally, CELLFOOD, thanks to its potential ability to optimize mitochondrial function and autophagy, is an irreplaceable aid in modern protocols for successful aging and in the nutritional support of sporting activities, whether amateur or competitive.

    How to use it

    Adults: take the product before the three main meals, after diluting it in a glass of water, possibly not that supplied by common home taps, but low mineral content, preferably with low fixed residue and pH above 6.5. Progressively increase the dosage from 1 to a maximum of 8 drops, 3 times a day, according to the scheme below (maximum daily dosage 24 drops). Elderly: 2 to 4 drops, 3 times a day. Children (up to 14 years): one drop per day per year of age. Upon indication of the doctor, the dosage can be increased if necessary. Furthermore, if necessary, to satisfy specific needs (e.g. joint pain syndromes, depression, etc.), it is possible to combine the product with the other formulations of the CELLFOOD line, even if none of these alone replace, in effect, the formula “basic”. ATTENTION! The product should not be taken sublingually!

    What it looks like and how long does a pack last

    CELLFOOD is dispensed to the public in a 30 mL bottle, sufficient for 25/30 daily doses.