Butyrose, sodium butyrate microencapsulated


  • Description

    Butyrose is a supplement containing sodium butyrate LSC Microcaps EU patent n.2352386 for slow release in the colon / rectum. For the diet of people with colonpatie with altered tropism of the intestinal mucosa.
    Ingredients microencapsulated sodium butyrate (hydrogenated palm oil, sodium butyrate, bulking agent: E 516, flavors, coating agent: E 477), vegetarian capsule (coating agent: E 464, E 171 colorant).
    How to use 1-3 capsules daily close to mealtime in case of swallowing difficulties you can open the capsule and take over the content of dispersing it in drinks or semi-solid foods. There are no time limits to the administration. In case of swallowing difficulties you can open the capsule and take over the contents dispersing it in drinks or semi-solid foods (water, milk, juice, yogurt, soups etc.). In this case it is recommended not to cook Butyrose® and do not expose it to temperatures higher than 40 ° / 45 ° C as it would be altered protection.
    Packing 30 or 15 capsules in 600 mg slow-release tablets containing 500 mg of microencapsulated sodium butyrate. The product does not contain sugars, colorants, yeast, gluten, lactose or preservatives.

    How does it work?

    Diarrhea, abdominal pain and general malaise – the people who have these symptoms may be in a condition where it is ongoing intestinal inflammation and flora is altered. The intestine fact, is colonized by a rich population of bacteria which constitute the so-called “intestinal flora” or “microbiota”.

    Billion, the microorganisms that are primarily nest in the large intestine (colon, cecum and rectum) and can be divided into “good bacteria” – lactobacilli and bifidobacteria – and “bad bacteria” such as E. coli, Bacteroides, Clostridium. Bacteria are essential to our health but only if you live in the right balance, in a state of “eubiosis”. Alterations of the intestinal flora may promote allergies, infections and generally lowering the level of immune defenses by creating a general sense of fatigue, indigestion, constipation, frequent diarrhea, bloating, irritable bowel or even serious diseases. To keep the state of eubiosis of the intestinal flora are advised to consume vegetables, fruits not close to the meal and drink a lot. In addition there are food for special medical purposes as Butyrose® which helps to rebalance the microbiota, favoring a suitable environment to the proliferation of lactic acid bacteria.

    Butyrose® is indicated for the altered tropism of the intestinal mucosa: stress, disordered eating and generally a wild life can affect the balance of intestinal flora. In this case Butyrose® can help restore a state of eubiosis, favoring the lactic intestinal flora.
    Butyrose would have a similar effect to the lactic acid bacteria? Butyrose® does so indirectly favoring the intestinal environment for the proliferation and development of lactic acid bacteria that can be taken directly with the products on the market (live cultures, yogurt, specific foods etc ..

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