Armor – Shungite Disk


  • Description

    Shungite disk against electromagnetic pollution

    Shungite, protective disk to be applied to smartphones, tablets, PCs, consoles and all devices that emit non-ionizing electromagnetic waves.

    The aim is to dissipate and protect against the negative effects of electromagnetic waves, thanks to the natural properties of Shungite.

    The Shungite disk is easy to use: it is positioned on the device emitting electromagnetic waves.

    Shungite (or stone from Shunga, a region of Karelia in Russia) is a natural mineral based on carbon, capable of transforming harmful electromagnetic waves into biocompatible waves, that is, not harmful to our body.

    The action is achieved by means of the soccer ball structure of fullerenes, a pure form of carbon containing 60/70 atoms of this, which allows the stone to disperse electromagnetic emissions.

    The disk has a diameter of 18 mm and a bi-adhesive