Balsamic Air Timo Forte


  • Description

    Mixture of pure essential oils to be sprayed. Perfect in environments frequented by children, sick people and animals, great for traveling. Ideal for pure care and protect the environment, to prevent allergies.

    Thyme essential oil: antibacterial, antibiotic
    Eucalyptus essential oil: analgesic, refreshing
    Essential oil of Menta arvensis: antiseptic, antipyretic
    Rosemary essential oil: balsamic, anti-inflammatory
    Essential oil of Pine siberia: antiseptic, antiviral
    Essential oil of Scots Pine: balsamic, anti-inflammatory
    Essential oil of mountain pine: anti-inflammatory, antiseptic
    Clove essential oil nails: antiseptic, anti-inflammatory
    Sweet orange essential oil: purifying, antispasmodic
    Patchouly essential oil: antiseptic, antiparasitic

    A spray on the handkerchief or cushion, especially in the case of colds, more splashes in indoor environments, office, toilet, traveling, in cars, deodorizes and makes the environment and surfaces more hygienic.

    With its remarkable balsamic, antiseptic and refreshing properties, Timo is also able to help the respiratory tract to defend itself from the attack of infectious bacteria as it is rich in phenols, terpinenes, pinene, tannins and saponins. The balsamic action of the thyme is enhanced by the presence of essential oils of eucalyptus, tea tree, mountain pine.